Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Praying and Preparing

Last week, in Nehemiah 1, we discovered that he mourned, wept, and prayed after learning of the state of Jerusalem. He continued praying to God for about four months, where Nehemiah 2 begins.

Nehemiah not only prayed, but prepared for God's call. This is shown by his requests to the king in Nehemiah 2:5-8. He made requests, knowing ahead of time what kind of authorization and supplies he would need.

Was planning a necessary step for Nehemiah or us today? What about just praying and "see what happens?"

We say quick prayers, as Nehemiah did when the king asked why he was sad. What is the basis for God honoring that quick prayer?

1 comment:

  1. Planning is necessary as well as planning to pray. We do say quick prayers sometimes and I believe that God honors those prayers only if they are truly from our heart. If we are persistant in planning to pray, then God honors our prayers throughout the day!
    Its amazing when you just trust God and pray and believe and know in your heart that he will take care of everything. It can definitely change someones perspective on things.... it sure did for me!