Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christ Alone

A belief of many is that they are good enough, so they do not need any kind of salvation. Notice in our first passage (Philippians 3:2-6) that Paul actually says that if anyone had a reason to boast in being great before God, it was him: being a pure Israelite, and righteous in keeping the law.

Even Paul, as righteous as he was, found out that he was wrong (read Acts 8:1-3, and Acts 9 for what changed his mind). Salvation cannot be attained through human efforts. Paul is showing how our own righteousness or good deeds mean nothing apart from the hope that is offered in Christ.

CHALLENGE: Is anyone taking up the challenge from my last email about being in the bible daily? If so, post here and clue me in on your reading plan! I personally am reading through I Samuel.

Monday, February 8, 2010


This week, we will discuss the "rewire" of what we think of as "gain"?

To the world: Money, good job with status. And also that we can achieve heaven/savlation just by being "good" according to the rules/law.

To Christians: read and find out!

Try reading the whole passage together to start with:
Philippians 3:2-4:8

More thoughts to come during the week. You may post any comments you like.